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Rite of Way

by Harrowman

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Shouting, running footsteps Kids are bawling down the lane Is it fear or crooked laughter? Another Friday night refrain From the attic he can see them Out for pleasure, out for pain No funds and no direction Every city sighs the same No harm in dogged trying But the game has changed anew Impatient instant access Who you know not what you do Mass culture creeping outwards Convenience sublime The streets are dead, this bitter thread Poked the needle in the eye So binge the cash back that you saved Ride another craze upon a wave They’re lying once again This fair land is caving in Here’s to weekends, here’s to music, here’s to change Rot away your conscience Giant screens and trendy wine Bottle up those feelings For just nine pounds ninety nine While artificial lighting keeps a vigil overnight We’ll lie and pray for a sleep so deep For dreams to rob our sight
Masquerade 03:29
Where have you been hiding? Only a matter of timing Those waters keep on rising Why are you still waiting? Holy winds are raging Your baffled subjects fading Sang a song of sixpence Traded green for grey Raised up your barricade What can you be thinking? Peddling greed and blame For short-term masquerades Slowly by degrees Swore before all god then Drank the devil's cup Nailed the court doors shut Dining in the big house Corridors inside As narrow as your mind What games are you playing? Lies and loaded die Spin the wheel of fire There will be no hiding When they come to scribe your name On old infamys grave No there will be no hiding.
Last Orders 06:00
A light that shines brighter than most Night after night you played the host To boozers and to schemers so foul mouthed and untrue Subservient to the brute who cherished you God knows how hard it must have been A good spirit trapped on the outside screaming in With false charms well applied and a ring forecasting a bride All those creative hopes lost unto him Oh the wasteful deal was nearly sealed For many it was never revealed How a being so pure Could so willingly endure Well, thank god you got out when you could Nine months after I left for the smoke I returned to the inn in spring with heavy heart Those fears all disappeared for you’d stored up all your tears And sailed away to pave a brand new start Oh the fallout was awful so they say With smashing, cursing and bloodshed all the day Well he tore the town apart with his fists swinging through the dark A raging bitter drunk for a bitter heart A light that burns brighter than most Somewhere you dance and charm and raise a toast To old wounds better nursed and tiresome fates now reversed A smile for everyone across your path Oh that wasteful deal was nearly sealed To many it was never any good How a being so pure Could be forced to endure Well thank god you got out when you could.
Blind Mice 03:27
Old man in his chair fixing me with stubborn glare starts to speak From toiling in the fields to factories of heat and steel we’ve come to this? A screen in every bar, a satellite for every star, they call this bliss? Defiance in his eyes he mumbles as he sighs ‘good luck kid’ I’m gona take the long way home Clear my worried mind, ramble through the dawn Losing sense of what is right or wrong Distractions moving in so I’ll be moving on So Long Spinning round in space, blind mice we run the race, how we forget Developed at a price now distant by design, oh give me strength Progress is double edged when it kills off all the values you once had Your love is plain to see but I refuse to be an old man's sigh Oh I want to take the long way home Perspective cuts the best when you are all alone No godly sense of what is right or wrong Yeah a change is gona come So Long.
Twenty eight odd years we’ve walked those fields around our town We grew up with them my friend; bright kids, lost teens and now The machines they’re rolling in to turn our green to grey Just part of progress my friend yet for you nothing changes You keep on treading water faster The tide of life passing you by So many years of hiding, sighing Watching those two hands keeping time So breathe in slow Take control Shape your world Come and taste the dawn I’m scratching down these words because I don’t know what to say Short in voice but big in heart, don’t let your bright side fade You keep on treading water faster The tide of life passing you by So many years of hiding, sighing Roots of reference wither and die Breathe in slow Take control Leave your zone Shape your world Please take control Come and taste the dawn.
Running in the dark To clear that racing mind Rebuilding can be hard When you wipe that slate and cut those ties Looking to restart Wading back through nostalgia Tonic for the heart In this town that bears my scars Slowly feed the monkey with the chip up on your shoulder Or just send it away, send it away Fighting for attention in a realm of saturation You give it away, you're giving away Pull the plug and breathe in slow Realise the self Instinct over expectation If only for your health No spoon-fed mind with screen fried eyes here Slaving for the wealth A one way door to los time poor Place it on the shelf In this room that bleeds my heart Slowly feed the monkey with the chip up on your shoulder Or just send it away, send it away Fighting for attention in a realm of saturation You give it away, you're giving away Chomping at the chord just to shock a little more Throw it away, just throw it away Stripping back the roots just to learn some simple truths Do it today, yeah do it today, just cut it away Pull the plug and breathe in slow Refocus, realign Regain your precious time.
True Belief 05:17
Maybe someday I will fix my head straight Find a little drive, punch above my weight Figure out a path, a way to navigate Flush out all these dreams from the pipes where they lay You know girl The love I have for you is far too deep To let all these distractions ruin me Your smile it steadies, keeps me on my feet True belief Sometimes all these thoughts and fears singe our minds Causing us to doubt and rage until we're blind Just a simple word, a touch to remind Upon this rock we spin, perfectly intertwined You know girl I'm trying hard to balance all these things To prove the effort worth all the striving With you there is no need for explaining True belief A little plot of land, kitchen sun facing A heavy wooden door to keep the warmth in Quiet space for books and records stacked up high A fireplace with stove to cook our meals by
Promises 03:28
Promise me you won’t get angry I dug into your past once more The skeletons they danced around me Plucking petalled lies to the floor The devil he is in your detail Biding time he shuffles out the cards The pack is split with hurt and anger A blazing note embedded on your door Promises they don’t die easy The rumour mill it grinds for you now A ready meal, a book, a movie An emptiness that keeps creeping round.
The Busker 04:35
Nostalgia hits like a train Stumbling through my old haunts Still searching for what I want Warm sun lulls me to sleep Each day passes like the last Pipe dreams wash away so fast Softly, slowly I’m losing track Fiction or fact So wind this tape flat Burn it I’m not coming back Hard case my resting place Two soles that are roaming free No kingdom here do I see Circles they fall from my hand The only change I ever attain Hey man play that song again Hey dude play that song again Softly, slowly
Another late shift, overtime Double candle burning low Rest those tired eyes Grab your keys then go It makes me sad to see you so Caught up in the grind Wound up like a spring Holding back the tide More connected, less in tune To the feelings locked inside A mask to hide the truth A mask to hide behind So make some time and breathe in slow Come back to what you know Watching the sun rise Smiling in fires glow I'll take offence at the present tense That’s driving us apart Make a pledge to the simple joys That make us who we are Today I took a ride out West To the ever shifting sea And made a pact to not turn back Until I was feeling free By your bedside there’s a chalk outline Where your conscience used to lie Who will keep you warm? When your fantasy subsides See this modern urge is a stress fracture That yawns and eats up time Another meal goes cold Another lonely night But there’s a different road of which I know All it takes is an open mind Contentment in letting go Contentment in sharing life


The debut album from Harrowman effortlessly weaves evocative ballads with sharp social commentary, intricate acoustic guitar and brooding string arrangements.

From themes of urban decay, green space loss and political disaffection to coastal escapism and digital detox, ‘Rite of Way’ speaks to the heart as much as it provides a serious call to arms to re-establish values of community, family and self-identity within an increasingly fast-paced, frenetic world.


released October 25, 2019

Harrowman - Vocals & Guitar
Chelley Wildman - Backing Vocals
Mike Kwiecien - Bass Guitar
Stephen Brown - Drums
Malachi Siner-Cheverst - Cello
Christina Laing - Violin
Tom Doughty - Violin, Mouth Harp, Vase
Oliver Hall - Electric Guitars

Recorded, produced and mixed by Compost_Mentis at NeverEverMedia Wildwood Studios, Surrey, UK. Artwork by suzicreates.com

All songs written by Harrowman.


all rights reserved



Harrowman England, UK

UK Singer-songwriter blending intricate guitar playing with soaring vocals and a canny ability for melodic, nature inspired songwriting that is as evocative as it is poignant.

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